About Us

What makes us U-topia Spa?

Utopia, by definition, is an ideal place or state; a place where everyone is content and things are perfect.

What makes U-topia Spa an ideal place is that we offer a unique menu of hand-selected, high-quality products and signature treatments. From the moment you step into the boutique you will be captivated by our modern, warm, and Zen-like atmosphere. As you continue your journey into our spa, you will take a moment to relax in our Zen lounge. Our alpha capsule, GX-99, ultrasound facial, and Vichy shower room set the stage for our guests to experience a transfer to an ideal state of mind.Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.14.01 PM

U-topia Spa will always offer the best in skincare and the most up-to-date and advanced treatments. We are committed to being your ideal spa. Thank you for visiting, and we encourage you to “step into a new you.”

Our Products: We use only upper-echelon, paraben free products in our treatments that achieve desired results and keep your health in mind. We do not have any products in the spa that contain these harsh preservatives.

<< Alpha Capsule: The Alpha Capsule is a spa therapy system that offers a variety of beauty, wellness, relaxation, and weight loss programs. We call these treatments Encapsulated Daydream and U-topian Daydream.

GX-99: This machine is used for body treatments focused on stimulating the lymphatic and central nervous system. It uses mechanical massage and transmits vibration waves that react with both the surface of the skin and deeper tissues.

Ultrasound Treatment: Lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with an ultrasound treatment. The ultrasonic waves help skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin and help rebuild your skin’s natural elasticity and shine. Used in our Flawless Finish Facial.